Welcome to the German Diplomacy Association

On this website we want to inform you about the German Diplomacy Association or Deutscher Diplomacy Bund e.V. how it is properly called in German. We cover the latest news from the German Diplomacy scene, announce upcoming conventions and provide background information on face to face and play by e-mail with a strong focus on Germany.


German Championship in Berlin 21.10.2012

The winners of the BerliCon 2012

The German Championship in face to face Diplomacy at the BerliCon in Berlin ended with a lot of interesting stories and a new German Champion. The ageless duell between Fabian Straub und Frank Oschmiansky has been won by Frank this time.

Congratulations Frank, we are already looking forward to the title defence next year!

BerliCon is coming 28.09.2012

Neither the international debt crisis nor the delayed opening of Berlin's new airport can hinder the Berlicon. It was and it will be! This year is no exception. Very soon, on the second weekend of October to be exact, we welcome you to Berlin.

European Diplomacy Convention in San Marino 07.06.2012

The second weekend of May saw the European Diplomacy Championship in San Marino. The only German on-site was Holger Fiedler who took home a price for best England. He also wrote a nice article about the EDC which can be found on Ludonews in German.

Congratulations to Holger for best England and to Nicolas Sahuguet, the new European Champion!